This was fun!

The adjectives project has come to a close. The categorial status of adjectives is closer than ever to being pin-pointed and understood in terms which does justice to the observed typological richness and desired theoretical completeness.

The project thus finishes with great success — here are some of the highlights of what’s in the pipeline:

  • We are working on a co-authored monograph, The Categorial Book of Adjectives.
  • There are several papers in the pipeline and we hope they see the light of day in the coming months.
  • As a give-back to the community, we will be publishing a special typological database, The Atlas of the Adjective World, which will open and free to anyone who is as puzzled by adjectives as we are. The beta version will be published before the end of the year (i.e., in the next nine hours or so).

The core Adjectives Team wishes to thank everyone who helped in any way. One thing that remains true is that cutting-edge research cannot be done in isolation. The community of incredible minds kept us in check and we’re grateful to all.

A very [A happy ] New Year!

Adjectives on an Adriatic Tour

The adjectives project will be on tour around the Adriatic in May. We are happy to announce the following venues:

Venice (Italy) on 3/5

We will give two presentations on 3/5 at the PseCoMAC conference at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Titles of the talks:

  •  On absence of serial adjectives
  •  (Pseudo) Coordinations under Logical Closure (Mitrović)

Venue information:

Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 8/5

We will deliver an invited lecture on 8/5 at 1pm in room 302, Faculty of Arts, (Dept. of English), University of Ljubljana.

Title of the talk:

  •  What does it take to be an Adjective

Venue information:

Nova Gorica (Slovenia) on 10/5

We will give an invited talk on 10/5 at 1.30pm (room TBA) at the Center for Cognitive Science of Language of the University of Nova Gorica.

Title of the talk:

  • On the inexistence of adjectivisers

Venue information:

Venice (Italy) on 16/5

We will give an invited talk at the  University of Venice Ca’ Foscari at 2pm.

The title of the talk:

  • The composition of the adjectival category

In addition, Mitrović will give another talk at 10.30am:

  • Coordination and the morphosyntactic encoding of propositional logic

Venue information:

Besides the Adriatic Tour, our Adjectives project will also be presented in the UK:

University of York (UK) on 15/5

Panagiotidis will give an invited talk on 15/5  (room TBA) at the Department of Linguistics of the University of York.

The title of the talk:

  • Is the adjective the banana peel of the parts of speech?

Cambridge (UK) on 16/5

Panagiotidis’ will teach a mini course at the University of Cambridge on Categorial Elements (Roots, Adjectives, and Mixed Projections); the first lecture on 16/5 at 4pm will be partially dedicated to the Adjective category. The venue will be the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.

The title of the lecture:

  • Lexical Categories, and adjectives in particular.

A productive start

We’ve barely started our project and we have already submitted two conference papers for review.

Watch this space more updates …