Adjectives on an Adriatic Tour

The adjectives project will be on tour around the Adriatic in May. We are happy to announce the following venues:

Venice (Italy) on 3/5

We will give two presentations on 3/5 at the PseCoMAC conference at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Titles of the talks:

  •  On absence of serial adjectives
  •  (Pseudo) Coordinations under Logical Closure (Mitrović)

Venue information:

Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 8/5

We will deliver an invited lecture on 8/5 at 1pm in room 302, Faculty of Arts, (Dept. of English), University of Ljubljana.

Title of the talk:

  •  What does it take to be an Adjective

Venue information:

Nova Gorica (Slovenia) on 10/5

We will give an invited talk on 10/5 at 1.30pm (room TBA) at the Center for Cognitive Science of Language of the University of Nova Gorica.

Title of the talk:

  • On the inexistence of adjectivisers

Venue information:

Venice (Italy) on 16/5

We will give an invited talk at the  University of Venice Ca’ Foscari at 2pm.

The title of the talk:

  • The composition of the adjectival category

In addition, Mitrović will give another talk at 10.30am:

  • Coordination and the morphosyntactic encoding of propositional logic

Venue information:

Besides the Adriatic Tour, our Adjectives project will also be presented in the UK:

University of York (UK) on 15/5

Panagiotidis will give an invited talk on 15/5  (room TBA) at the Department of Linguistics of the University of York.

The title of the talk:

  • Is the adjective the banana peel of the parts of speech?

Cambridge (UK) on 16/5

Panagiotidis’ will teach a mini course at the University of Cambridge on Categorial Elements (Roots, Adjectives, and Mixed Projections); the first lecture on 16/5 at 4pm will be partially dedicated to the Adjective category. The venue will be the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.

The title of the lecture:

  • Lexical Categories, and adjectives in particular.

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